Collection: Lining

There are several ways to purchase linings from DesignWare:
  • BOLTS - Depending on weight, manufacturer, etc., they usually run 50 to 125 yards. (See specific linings for bolt sizes.)
  • BOLTS - We will cut a bolt in half for a $5 flat fee and you still get the bolt price per yard. Please specify if you want one or both halves.
  • CUT YARDAGE - is available on all linings. Add 50 cents per yard to the bolt price.
  • MIXED CASE PRICING - This pricing structure is shown in our catalog but cannot be shown on the website. You must order 4 bolts in any
    combination. Your shopping cart cannot indicate these savings, but when we actually invoice your order, you will receive the lower mixed case pricing.
  • MILL CASE - Mill case pricing is available for high volume accounts. You must take the case as it ships directly from the mill, all one style, and one color. This type of order must be shipped by common carrier truck. Contact us at 1-888-270-2301 for pricing.
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